About Helpling

Helpling (formerly Hassle.com) is one of the UK's fastest, growing startups. In a nutshell, we connect customers to cleaners. Customers can book a cleaner from their phone, Ipad or laptop.

So why home cleaning? Well, we want to help our customers remove hassle from their lives and spend their time on the things that really matter to them — playing with their kids, actually making it to the gym, or maybe reading that book that’s been sitting on their nightstand. For our customers we like to think of what we’re building as “quality time as a service”, and who doesn’t want more of that?

For the cleaners that use Helpling, we provide a safe and easy way to find new customers, to get paid regularly and the peace of mind that our Cleaner Success Team are only a phone call away. We help them get away from the exploitative agency model and out of the informal economy. They are amazing people, with incredible stories and we want to enable them to make the best living possible.

Like many startups, we’re going places, fast. We are alumni of the Springboard accelerator programme, backed by Accel Partners (one of the first investors in Facebook, Spotify, Etsy and Dropbox to name a few).

Helpling joined forces with Hassle.com to become the world’s largest platform for booking a home cleaner.

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